Jammu & Kashmir State Industrial Development Corporation Jammu & Kashmir State Industrial Development Corporation
  J&K SIDCO - Existing Industry
  Name of the Industrial Group   Investment (Rs. In Lacs)  
  Chenab Textile Mills   3500.00  
  Dabur India Limited   1448.00  
  Godrej Agrovet   257.00  
  Godrej Saralee   459.36  
  Berger Paints India Ltd.   3200.00  
  Coca Cola   6000.00  
  Flex Industries   9000.00  
  Neel Kamal Industrial Crafts   7150.00  
  Euro Bond India Pvt. Ltd.   2931.00  
  UK Paints   360.00  
  Reckitt Bankiser   4211.06  
  Cadila Pharmaceuticals   3000.00  
  Jai Beverages (PEPSI Group)   8100.00  
  Jindal Photo Limited   2184.00  
  Maral Overseas (Bhilwara Group)   3500.00  
  Ind-Swift Laboratories   1420.00  
  Medley Pharmaceuticals   3650.00  
  Vivek Pharmaceuticals   1691.00  
  Surya Health Care Limited   8090.00  
  Sun Pharma   2000.00  
  Ultimate Flexi Pack   6000.00  
  Bharat Box   2000.00  
  Graeur Weil India Ltd.   834.00  


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